RFID UHF Desktop Reader

Release date:2019-02-14 18:48:45

Size:142x85x20MMUSB Cable: 1 Meter USB cableReading distance:0-80CMWritting distance:0-10CMEncryption: Can be directly encrypted,copy preventionDescription:Double USB communication inerface.the input


USB Cable: 1 Meter USB cable

Reading distance:0-80CM

Writting distance:0-10CM

Encryption: Can be directly encrypted,copy prevention


Double USB communication inerface.

the input of serial port on the left,the output of keyboard on the right.

The data is output on the different format.

It’s convenient for carrying ,supplying the power by USB.

It’s stable for reading and writing the data.

Supprting ISO18000 6C (EPC Gen2)


Compatibility with multple protocols,easy portable,High speed ofreading /writting .

using in every RFID System.

Software: DEMO,SDK,C+,C#,Java etc